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Oneroad Group Company Development

Under the background of one belt, Oneroad Group with its own global vision, the development needs and strategic layout emerge...


Oil and Gas

In 2012, Oneroad Group began to engage in bulk trade of basic resources such as petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied gas and other energy products, chemical raw materials, minerals and other basic resources. Provide services for energy departments, material companies, chemical companies, construction companies, non-ferrous metal smelting companies, energy distributors, fuel suppliers, industrial users, oil refineries, and bulk commodity trading companies in various countries.

Oil and Gas

While carrying out import, export and domestic trade distribution in Cambodia, Oneroad Group’s energy business plans to set up a petroleum refinery and a terminal facility equipped with a 300,000-ton oil storage tank and a 50,000-ton oil tanker with free access to promote the development of Cambodia’s national chemical industry. Upgrade and optimize and change the supply pattern of petrochemical products in Cambodia. Improving the self-sufficiency rate of refined oil products in Cambodia and promoting Cambodia's development will be a landmark project for Cambodia's industrialization.