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Group Overview

Oneroad Group with the important advantages of strength and hard work, participates in cooperation in different fields of economic development in different countries , and provides opportunities for both parties to cooperate.

Oneroad Group is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise, founded in 2012, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From 2012, Oneroad entered into the oil&gas industry, and then gradually entered the fields of public transportation, car dealership, car rental and service, media, and project investment. Through its own continuous efforts, it has established a solid and good business relationship with important leaders in business and political side, as well as royal families in the UAE and Gulf countries .In 2019, Oneroad Group began to set foot in the Southeast Asian market, laying a solid foundation for later development. Under the background of the epidemic in May 2021, Oneroad Group (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) was officially established, covering the entire Southeast Asia region. Today, the business in the Southeast Asian market is in full swing, including oil business commodity trading, and import and distribution of petroleum and petrochemical products, convay fleet security business, comprehensive auto services, investment in refining and chemical deep processing projects, and investment in racecourse projects.In the future, Oneroad will actively follow the trend of development and provide sincere services to customers, teams and society by adhering to the concept of people-oriented, win-win cooperation, sustainable development of the ecosystem and building a community of shared destiny.

The Oneroad Group team is a professional and young team with an average age of 30 years old. It is full of vigor, innovation and fearless spirit, and bravely strives to achieve its goals and ideals! At the same time, they also give mutual care and warmth to each other as families. Oneroad Group firmly believes that such a team can go higher and farther, and create more value for itself, the company and the society!

In the process of business development, Oneroad Group adheres to the localized operation concept, and constantly integrates members with different cultural backgrounds to work together.

Along the way, the company has achieved very proud achievements, which is closely related to the belief that "everything is possible" and "nothing can't be done, only the unthinkable" has been upheld by the group company for a long time. The development of society contributes its own meager power! Strive to become a reliable, innovative and powerful enterprise with soul.


To enhance our team expertise with integrity, a better future shared with a win-win solution and business strategy to serve the people.


Become no. 1 influential integrated enterprises in the middle east, northeast and southeast Asia.


Group Concept

Setting up a harmonious organization with one mission vision with the concept of sustainability development.