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Company Development

  • Towards the future


    Our group's core strategy is to improve asset quality, launch global markets, deploy technological innovation, conduct research, develop, and improve the level of informatization, so we can create greater growth opportunities for employees, create greater value for society, and create greater value for the country in which we operate. Becoming a global enterprise that is trusted and loved by society requires cooperation and contribution.

  • 2022

    Petroleum Refining

    We have a comprehensive supply quality control system to strictly control suppliers such as these manufacturers, distributors and major traders. Among them, energy suppliers come primarily from the Middle East, the Arab region, the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Russia and other global key suppliers. While, mineral suppliers mostly come from South America, Africa, the Middle East and other areas. From the customer provision/request the areas in which we can provide services include credit filtering of suppliers/customers, product economics, establishment of business frameworks, negotiation of trade plans, trade risk control AND finance, contract execution, warehousing and logistics support. With an international vision, standardized operating procedures with rich practical experience. We ensure the competitiveness of important linkages in the trade of bulk commodities.

  • 2021

    Convay Fleet Security Service

    According to the overall development strategy of the group company and the national security, economic and security development needs of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, expand the VIP security concierge fleet to serve the diplomatic, government, distribution representative offices, enterprises, institutions and individuals in the host country and other customer groups , Dedicated to providing high-quality security concierge services, establishing a good corporate image and building a chain of brand effects.

  • 2019

    Car Dealership

    Oneroad Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Oneroad Group, is primarily involved in the import and export of automobiles, automotive aftermarket, auto- parts, and other related businesses. Among them, the aftersales service area is more than 5000 square meters. With the help of the advantageous resources of the group company, it undertakes to build a modern and comprehensive automotive service platform.

  • 2018

    New media, automobile field

    Oneroad Advertising Media is a subsidiary of Oneroad Group. It is primarily in charge of the operation and upkeep of elevator ads, which include elevator frame advertisements, elevator advertising displays, mobile advertising screens, and other equipment. This is the mobile Internet age. Consumers can receive information at any time and from any location. Excessive information overwhelms individuals, resulting in a significant loss of marketing value. Oneroad Media has been carefully exploring how to promote more targeted and make the input information have the same value for a long time. With more than 20 journeys each week, the elevator environment has a very low degree of simple interference, generating forced watching throughout the duration of waiting or taking the elevator, and transforming it into advertising attention, enabling the brand to form in-depth communication with the audience.

  • 2017

    Public transport

    Oneroad Taxi is a taxi firm that is part of the Oneroad Group. It is the seventh taxi firm in Dubai to have been rigorously assessed and certified by the local Ministry of Transportation RTA (Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority) and to have been granted a legal business license by the Dubai Ministry of Economy. Oneroad Taxi, under the stringent supervision and control of the traffic department, ultimately formed the first taxi firm with a Chinese heritage, setting a historical milestone.

  • 2012

    Energy Oil & Gas Chemical Bulk Trade

    Oneroad Group began trading in petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied gas and other energy goods, chemical raw materials products, minerals, and other basic resources in bulk. It serves the energy sector, material businesses, chemical companies, construction firms, nonferrous metal smelting firms, energy distributors, fuel providers, industrial users, oil refineries, and commodities trading firms in numerous nations. In the oil and gas chemical business, Oneroad group launched bulk trading of fundamental resources such as petroleum, petroleum accessories, liquefied petroleum gas, and other energy goods, chemical raw material products, and minerals in 2012. It serves the energy industry, material firms, chemical businesses, construction companies, nonferrous metal smelting companies, energy distributors, fuel providers, industrial users, oil refineries, and commodities trading companies.
    We have an excellent supply quality monitoring system in place to rigorously examine these manufacturers, distributors, major merchants, and other suppliers. Energy product providers are mostly from the Middle East, the Arab area, Gulf Cooperation Council member nations, and Russia. Mineral sources come mostly from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. We can provide services in the following areas, starting with the customer's supply/demand analysis: supplier/customer credit screening, product economics, trade framework establishment, trade solution negotiation, trade risk control, trade financing, contract execution, warehousing, and logistics solution support, and so on. We bring competitiveness to critical parts of commodities trading by utilizing an international viewpoint, standardized operating methods, and extensive practical experience. Engaged in products: crude oil, LPG, diesel, fuel oil, asphalt, sulfur, base oil, polymers, and other products. Market Segment: China, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia), East Africa (Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, etc.) to meet the Cambodian region's energy dependence.