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Convay Fleet Security Service

Convay Fleet Security Service

According to the group's global business development strategy and the national security, economic and security development needs of countries, along the “Belt and Road” expand the VIP security concierge fleet to serve the diplomatic, government, distribution representative offices, enterprises, institutions and individuals in the host country as well as other customers individual or group. Our VIP security level is dedicated in supplying high-quality security concierge services, establishing a good corporate image, and building a chain of brand effects. In the direction of the host country, the region, the maritime zone or major investment projects abroad and strategic assets of the country with medium and high values. with absolute strength to protect the representative offices abroad. The exercise of functions, the safety of the assets of enterprises and institutions, the personal and property safety of foreign nationals, and the maintenance of the country’s overseas strategic interests.

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2019 Hosting the Safe Travel of Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon